Thursday, 25 August 2011

Second round for Merry-go-round consultation

The first of a series of three community workshops to prepare a Precinct Plan for the iconic Merry-go-round precinct on the foreshore was held on Wednesday August 17, with a small group of participants sharing their experiences and memories of the area and the values they associated with these experiences.

The fact the Merry-go-round is a community icon shone through at the first workshop,” Andrea Selvey, the Director of Creative Communities, said. “The memories shared involved common themes of playing in the area as teenagers and using the area as a meeting place. The precinct was described as ‘neutral ground’ where people of all backgrounds could gather and participants also stressed the importance of the Moreton Bay Fig tree to the precinct,” said Ms Selvey.

After sharing their experiences in the precinct, workshop participants were then asked to look to the future and describe what experiences they wanted the precinct to offer and what values should be incorporated into its future planning.

Participants wanted the area to remain an all hours meeting place for all ages and backgrounds,” Ms Selvey said.

They also stressed future play equipment should incorporate the mobility of the Merry-go-round, capturing an element of adventure and unpredictability while preserving the history of the original, incorporating links to Randolph Stow and telling the story of the area.”

The next workshop will be held on Thursday, 1 September at 5.30pm and will encourage participants to take an active role in designing the precinct. A consultant landscape architect will be in attendance to guide discussion on how the area could be designed and landscaped.

The final workshop, the review workshop, on Thursday 22 September will allow the community to review a draft precinct plan or plans prepared by the landscape architect

RSVP is requested no later than two days before each workshop to
Light refreshments will be available.

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